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About the Marquee

The Marquee Health Clinic, located on Level 2, 22 Market Street in the Sydney CBD is an allied health provider offering Osteopathy, Acupuncture & Herbal Remedies, Remedial Soft Tissue Massage Therapy and Psychology services.

At the Marquee Health Clinic we strive to provide a positive direction for your health with a clear understanding through clinical diagnosis and a working treatment hypothesis to empower and place you in the best possible position regarding the self- management of your health.

The prime element in owning your health is to understand the nature of any negative development that places a limit on your resources constitutionally to pursue your desired lifestyle.

The most confusing reasoning pertaining to health can be a symptom ‘a signal from the body’ and what the symptom is alluding to. Often the problem is not symptom located and more often than not a definitive process of pathology has procured the symptom.

The challenge will always be to maintain a biophysical and psychosocial positive channel receptive to any negative drift. The Marquee physicians through their broad base of integrated professional knowledge and experience garnished through ongoing extensive training and research aim to channel those resources to recover and maintain your optimal potential health.

The biophysical health and constitution of each individual is an ever evolving process that may reflect in a negative or positive manifestation relative to those pressures or stresses inflicted.

The Marquee Health clinic practice will be to carefully correct and conservatively manage health aspects of an immediate or persistent nature that create inconsistency and indifference in the system developing limits to potential biophysical attributes.

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Marquee Health Clinic

James C Phillips - Osteopath

B app Sc osteopathy
M ost; Dip H Sc (Remedial Massage)
Cert. Prac. Acupuncture

Osteopathy is a highly regarded, hands-on approach to holistic healthcare. It is the safest, fastest growing profession of allied health. Through the completion of a minimum of five years of university study in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general biophysical diagnosis and osteopathic practices and techniques, Mr James C Phillips possesses the qualifications necessary to perform clinical examinations of the musculoskeletal, vascular, respiratory and nervous systems and visceral symptoms. As a form of manual therapy, osteopathy may involve soft-tissue massage, mobilisation and manipulation.

Treatment is effective yet gentle and should not cause unnecessary pain or discomfort. If you are experiencing symptoms of a painful nature, all due care will be taken to treat you in a way where you may remain as comfortable as possible.

James maintains his professional qualifications and practice through ongoing training and development to achieve optimal results for his patients. With extensive experience in conditions stemming from the imbalance/inflammation of the pelvis, the mobility of the spine and the functional capacity of the peripheral structures and tissues, James takes a holistic, broad investigative approach to gearing the body towards a more positive and functional state. Utilizing both direct and indirect manipulative techniques within a specialised soft tissue foundation, James works towards eliminating the body of negative influences and advises his patients of appropriate follow-up exercises and behaviours to support and maintain their progress.

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Olivier Lejus - Acupuncturist

Registered Acupuncturist;
Accredited Toyohari Practitioner

Olivier Lejus is a nationally registered acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbal practitioner, and an accredited practitioner with the Toyohari Japanese Medical Association.

Olivier has been in clinical practice since 2000. He worked as a casual lecturer, tutor, and clinical supervisor at the College of Chinese Medicine of the University of Technology of Sydney (UTS) from 2005–2013.

Olivier Lejus specializes in a Japanese style of acupuncture called Toyohari. 

It is a powerful, but very delicate form of Oriental medicine which was invented by blind Japanese acupuncturists in the 1950s. Practitioners are trained to develop their sense of touch, to detect subtle changes in the texture, resilience, and temperature of the skin which are reflections of specific dysfunctions in the body.

Toyohari practitioners use very fine acupuncture needles made of Gold, Silver or Stainless Steel which are inserted on a very superficial level under the skin without causing any pain. In many cases, the needles are instantly withdrawn without even penetrating the skin. In Japan, Toyohari practitioners are famous for their high level of skills, very gentle techniques and the remarkable efficacy of their treatments. Due to its gentle nature, this style of acupuncture is particularly suitable for children, elderly patients or anyone sensitive to needles.

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Nicole Turrell - Massage Therapist

Dip Remedial Massage
Reiki Master/Practitioner

Nicole Turrell is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist having graduated from Central Regional TAFE in Western Australia 2008. Nicole has also obtained qualifications in Reiki as well as Indian Head Massage and Hahana Hot and Cold stone therapy.

Nicole is passionate about achieving optimal health and helping people to achieve a more balanced lifestyle and has a particular focus on pregnancy massage, work cover and injury Management.

Beyond helping clients improve their posture, Nicole is enthusiastic about meditation to help relax the nervous System, having completed a mindful meditation course in 2014 and is currently undertaking studies in a Diploma in Kinesiology and an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Complimentary Medicine, and practices Bedtime( Yin) Yoga.

Nicole’s passion for massage began at the age of ten whilst preforming in amateur theatre, where she was taught to massage the hands and feet of fellow actors to relax them before a performance.

Nicole is passionate, perceptive, enthusiastic and wellness oriented with a focus on developing balance as a remedial massage therapist.

She understands the benefits of a holistic approach to health and using her acquired knowledge and experience of the human body will tailor her treatments with the goal of improving movement, balance, reduce and aid injury recovery, pain management, rehabilitation and stress relief.

Nicole believes the right treatment plan is as important as well executed massage technique. As such each treatment may include a variety of techniques such as deep tissue, basic foot reflexology, trigger point therapy, sports therapy, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage.

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ATIA TANI - Psychotherapist and Counsellor

B Social Sciences - Counselling
Dip Applied Arts

Atia has been working as a counsellor and psychotherapist for over ten years, committing herself to the provision of excellence in this area of practice.

Atia has worked with a wide range of issues associated with life transitions, workplace issues, relationship issues, divorce, separation, fertility, disability and loss and grief issues. Atia specialises in working with clients who have a desire and need to expand their capacity as individuals, both in their relationships and professional lives.

As Atia believes that we are all unique beings with unique lives and ways of processing experiences, she addresses personal and relational difficulties with each client in a holistic, respectful and personal manner, where the client is the author of the process. This approach provides the client with control over their journey so they can address their issues in a safe and empowering manner.

Atia is a compassionate, non-judgmental, mindful and respectful practitioner who believes that successful therapy will result in a client's compassionate connection to self, others and their environment.

Atia employs an eclectic holistic approach in a choice of utilised modalities which include person-centred, existential and relational approach combined with art therapy, mindfulness skills development and narrative approach promoting self-awareness, empowerment and personal responsibility.

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